It is famous as Nagoya mezze but there are various variations.

It is famous as

It is famous as ""Nagoya mezze"", but there are various variations. I used to live in Tokyo before, but in Nagoya there was no connection but since he was dating to Nagoya, I went to Nagoya a few times because I was relocated to Nagoya. So, ""Taiwan Ramen"" was captivated. I like spicy food. For example, if you say this ramen, let's say it is a salty flavor version of rice noodles. It has a lot of red pepper, minced meat, it is a light taste ramen. Although it is named Taiwan, it seems that Nagoya originated. After returning to Tokyo, I searched for a shop where Taiwanese ramen can be eaten, although there was only one store ... Unlike what I ate in Nagoya, for me it has become something I can not eat unless I go to Nagoya It was. After that, every time I went to Nagoya, I ate Taiwan ramen and also sold items that were becoming cup noodles, so I definitely bought a couple of them and went home. And then he became my husband at that time. At the same time I will also move to Nagoya. It is now an environment that you can eat that Taiwan ramen.

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